The music of Matt Stock

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Matt Stock was born 1973 in Oldenburg of Lower Saxony. His mother showed him classic music from Beethoven and Mozart already in the young age of four or five. When Matt was six years old she took him into a concert of the opera "Der Freischütz". At the same time he discovered the music of current chart hits. When he listened to the track Silly confusion of Boney M. and Kraftwerks The model a few years later that electronic sound fascinated him intensively. 

Since nobody played an instrument in his family it was not before the age of thirteen when Matt got bad grades in music at school and had to take private lessons to improve them. While doing so things belonging together finally met each other. Still being far from good playing skills he started with creating tape collages and adding his distorted voice in mid 1987.

Matt build up a small synthesizer studio composed Synthpop, Techno and Industrial tracks and studied music science. After producing a few maxi singles in early 2000´s he said goodbye to producing music for personal reasons in 2005.

In early 2012 when trying out a freeware synthesizer the fever of producing music striked back and in the following years Matt setup a new studio. In 2015 he restarted composing music with a professional approach. 

In the following years he produced well perceived synthesizer music, partly in collaboration with his son Ansgar Stock and others. 

It was in late 2020 when Matt contacted electronic music legend Carlos Perón who listened to a few of Matt´s compositions. Carlos was very excited and immediatley offered Matt to release an album on his label Dark Daze Music Inc. 

In the following weeks Matt finished the album Hunters & Revolutions which was released on 27th, February 2021.

The second half of 2021 will see Matt producing is second album. He is also working on various collaborations, remixes and producing other musicians. 

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