The music of Matt Stock

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 Artwork by: Claus Jahn

Matt Stock is a composer working only with hardware electronic instruments and occasionalIy with acoustic instruments. He is not so much a musician jamming in sessions but composing with various concepts borrowed from classic music and other directions.

His overall concept is to create a film like expression in music. Like a movie for the listeners ears and visual imagination. Its telling a story just by music.

A very important part of Matt´s work is using the whole range of placing instruments and sounds in the virtual room of a recording.

His goal is to expand the general dimensions of music. This means using a wider frequency range, multiple metrics, polyrhythmic structures, 3D movements of sounds, playing a musical theme at different speeds, etc. In this point he feels he just scratced the surface of what should be possible. Stay tuned!

The vision: Matt´s still unrealized vision is to create holographic music consisting of musical elements transfering themselves onto a sphere where it materializes into the final composition. Is this even possible? He doesn´t know by now but tries to get closer to it bit by bit. 

His musical influences come from:

-Classic electronic music as known by Tangerine Dream, J.M.Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk.

-Industrial / Gothic music as known by Carlos Perón, Laibach, Front 242, Dead can Dance.

-Minimal music as known by Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Cage.

-Classic music as known by J.S.Bach, Erik Satie, Beethoven.  



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