The music of Matt Stock

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Musician friends:

The swiss master of electronic music, founder of Yello, King of industrial and fetish music. Also mastering at its best.

My son and still one of the youngest electronic musicians in the world.

Best friend and very talented musician doing EM, New Age, Dance. Also a very good video artist.

The projects of Jamie Morden from GB. Sounddesign, Synthshows, etc.

Synthwave, Synthpop, EM. The Norwegian wizard of electronic music.

Choice dutchman and a musician always open for experiments. Great music.

Psytrance but not only from Switzerland. Also making good tutorials on YouTube.

Remix, Produce, Collab. Great modern electronic music from the mothercountry of pop.

Italian Synthwave and experimental musician living in Great Britain. Great musician. 

Radio stations playing my music:




Labels which released my music:



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