The music of Matt Stock

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Matt Stocks exclusively works with hardware instruments. There is not a single PC, Mac or Laptop in his studio but a lot of synthesizers and other electronic instruments of the last decades. The composing process is mainly done with an expanded old Atari 1040 STE computer. In some cases the compositions are directly played to a Zoom R24 digital multitrack recorder. Matt Stock likes to work with a multiple set of reverb units

Instruments currently in use:

-Akai Z4

-E-mu Systems EmaxIIR

-E-mu Systems ESI4000

-E-mu Systems ESI4000Turbo

-Ensoniq VFX SD

-Hohner HS2

-Jomox Alpha Base

-Kawai K4

-Korg DSM-1

-Korg DSS-1  (2)

-Korg EX800

-Korg Microkorg

-Korg Wavestation A/D

-Korg Wavestation SR

-Kurzweil K2000RS V3

-Kurzweil Micropiano

-Moog Minitaur

-Moog Sub Phatty

-Novation Bass Station 2  (2)

-Novation Mininova

-Roland D50

-Roland D110

-Roland JV2080

-Roland JX3P

-Roland JX8P

-Yamaha SY55

-Yamaha TG33

-Yamaha TX81Z


-Alesis Ampliton

-Alesis Bitrman

-Alesis Faze  (2)

-Alesis Phlngr

-Alesis Metavox

-Behringer VP1  (2)

-Behringer VT999

-Boss SX700  (2)

-Cosmic AE7000

-Digitech RPM-1

-Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi

-Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress  (2)

-Electro Harmonix Octave Multiplexer

-Electro Harmonix Smallclone

-Electro Harmonix Smallstone  (2)

-Ibanez RC99

-Lexicon PCM91

-Line 6 M5

-Neunaber Immerse MKI

-TC Electronic D-Two

-TC Electronic Reverb 4000

-Yamaha Pro R3

Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit