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Cover artwork: Carlos Perón 

Here is Hunters & Revolutions, released by Dark Daze Music Inc. / Warner Chappell

Listen to Hunters & Revolutions and enter a sonic world of striking industrial athmospheres and sophisticated synthesizer music. Let Matt Stock take you inside a world of hardware music machines and feel their impact. A collection of instruments from the 70s to the present are his tools to create new musical structures like you never heard them before. Leave a distant galaxy, enter the world of a darkened mind, meet Odin´s hunters, turn around with sequences like gears, enjoy the presence of steel being casted and more. Let him take you musically into all these worlds on Hunters & Revolutions. 

1. Leaving Andromeda: The album starts with a piece of classic synthesizer music inspired by Vangelis Bladerunner. CS80 brass, the flanged piano, scifi sound and big melodies with a melancholic touch. Its all there. If you also recognize a touch of Stranger Things and Twin Peaks themes thats intentionally to emphasize the cineastic mood.

2. Eclipse of mind: Now the mood gets darker because this piece describes the cause of feelings like opressions, fear and depressions with steadily changing bright and dark phases. A lot of artists are familiar with finding themselves being productive and creative at one time and being blocked by darkness, doubts and depressions at another time. Thats what Eclipse of the mind is about. Musically this is achieved here by polyrhythms, changes of measurements, quotings of Psycho theme and a small amount of industrial sounds. 

3. Wild Hunters: In northern mythology there is the legend of godfather Odin and his army of hunters pulling across the sky at the darkest time of the year. Wild Hunters is exactly about this. It starts with ambient soundscapes transforming themselves slowly into ritual music with horn and acoustic percussions. Later it becomes dark synthesizer music with a touch of heavy metal and finds itself in the middle part with influcences of classic music. It reaches its climax soon after with symphonic metal and ends with the soundscapes that started it. A wild but coherent ride through different styles of music.

4. 256 Revolutions: Friends of sequencer based music this one is for you! The piece is based on just a one bar sequence in A minor which is being worked out on the principles of minimal music over 256 bars. New patterns are produced constantly by shifts and shortenings of the original sequence. Being slowed down by four and eight times the sequence is also played my melody instruments. In a later part of the piece the sequence looses tones on one track which simultaneously finds themselves again with another sound at another place. Industrial percussion complements the sequences and the listener finds himself in a machine room where complex industrial processes are going on being controlled automatically.

5. Steel cast procedure (Carlos Perón Remix): The style of this piece could be called industrial meditation. Ostensibly its very monotonous but if you allow to let yourself fall into its mood you will notice constant small changes. Despite the hard and gruff industrial sounds it can let you float away softly. Carlos Perón added his own sounds and voice very carefully and respectfully and yet apt to the composition. Matt Stock is especially proud about this cooperation with the king of industrial

6. The lost ivory tower: The very melodic final piece of the album mainly uses sounds from an old JVC keyboard build in 1980. The kind of making and the little bit cheesy sound is inspired by Jean Michel Jarre albums final pieces like Equinoxe 8 and Magnetic Fields 5. Though Matt Stock isn´t JMJ and the world is sometimes bad and evil there are creepy drones going on under the melodic parts all the time. When the piece comes to its end these drones are breaking through and giving the album an end in ominious noise. 


Other works: 

04/2021: Globotom & Matt Stock - Orange:

03/2021: ZeeJay & Matt Stock - Breaking the waves:

Cover artwork: Claus Jahn

12/2020: Road Trains

Cover artwork: Claus Jahn

11/2020: The Stock Squad - Strike

Cover artwork: Claus Jahn

06/2020: Listen and say!

Cover artwork: Claus Jahn

05/2020: Arc Furnace Demons

Cover artwork: Throne of Astarte

05/2020: Globotom: First Counterstrike (feat. Matthias Stock & Ansgar Stock)

Cover artwork: Thomas "Globotom" Albertsen

04/2020: Friends United (with Claus Jahn)

Cover artwork: Claus Jahn

02/2020: Nightshift

Cover artwork: Harald Gramberg

08/2019: Globotom: Maurice mon amour (Drowned Beach remix by Ansgar and Matthias Stock)


Cover artwork: Thomas "Globotom" Albertsen


03/2019: Time for resurrection: This piece of music was originally recorded in the end of October 2017. It was just an experiment to find out if its possible to combine the sounds and structures of 70s like Berlin school style as known by Klaus Schulze with elements of modern Dance tracks. I almost forgot it and when I rediscovered it I played it to my friend Rainer Schramke of RSD Radio. Rainer immdiately liked the track and others did, too. So I decided to remaster and release it.

Cover artwork: Harald Gramberg 



03/2018: Starman Goodbye  (with OSCillin)

 Cover artwork: Claus Jahn








Expect some dark ambient forest music in the future


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